Packing, Packing, Packing

So there we were. After years of musing about it and months of creating proposed itineraries, we finally told our employers, applied for various visas, bought our first one-way ticket to Hong Kong, and found a great subletter to rent our apartment for the entire time we will be gone. Finally we are actually doing our round-the-world trip!  Orignially concieved of as a back up plan back when the economy tanked, we would now be taking our around the world trip as a most glorious honeymoon.

Oh the places we will go!

Nothing left to do but pack, pack, pack.  Fortunately we didnt have to move all of our stuff into storage because of the subletter we found, but we did have to box up all our clothes and go through all the three years of accumlated belongings figuring out which to keep, which to donate, and which to throw out.

Finally on Jan 7th we dusted off our already battered passports and set off to Hong Kong.

See all of our getting ready pictures:

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