In bed under towel
Water spews from AC
I’m getting better.

March 3rd, 2011
When we left Hoi An in Vietnam I had a fever and was recovering from a bout of food poisioning. Unfortunately our visas were due to expire the next day so we had to get going. Though the fever quickly subsided I was exhausted all day, and on the subsequent 3 days of bus rides I developed a nasty head cold that left my nose running non-stop. Finally, in Pakse, we had a day where we did not have to move and I was determined to recover. We found a new, slightly less mosquito infested places that was also considerably cheaper. While it had nice light, the cheapness of the place shown through in the lack of sheets on the bed (it had a towel to cover us instead) and in the fact that the AC spewed high velocity tiny droplets of water on me every 15 minutes or so. Fortunately I had the towel-cum-blanket to protect me from the spray. I slept and read all day and was feeling markedly better by evening.

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