French villa hotel
Elegant but infested
Hunting mosquitos

March 1st, 2011
Since much of Attapeu seemed to be either in decay or in the process of being constructed, and since there were no tasty eating establishments, we quickly went on to the more central Pakse where we hoped we could arrange more interesting activities. We picked the promising looking Salachampa Hotel in the center of town which had once been a French villa. It was tastefully decorated, and had many elegant pots filled with plants and water outside our room. This proved to be perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes though, which provided good sport for over an hour before we fell asleep that night. We caught a good ten of them, each one a bit harder to find than the one before, and when we caught the last one we thought we must have them all. We sealed the room as best we could and went to sleep. By the morning though a horde of newcomers were flying around our bags and we checked out.

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