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Two empty passport pages
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March 3rd, 2011
While I lay in bed recovering from my head cold, Lucie was spending the day on the internet looking for plane tickets onward from southeast asia and making plans. One of the biggest constraints is that Lucie only has two pages left in her passport for visas. While I was able to get more pages added to mine while we were in Hanoi, it seems things aren’t so simple for Germans to get pages added to their passports. It will require either 2-3 weeks of us staying still in some capital somewhere or we will have to cut things short and head back to Europe. The other factor in consideration is that Lucie’s year long India visa runs out March 22nd- so we either need to get there in a hurry, find a way to extend the visa, or wait awhile on a beach somewhere as Lucie gets a new passport and visa – oh the tragedy that would be!

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