Jungle Resort Noises

Waterfall smashes
Birds call, dogs yelp, monkeys shriek,
Secadas deafen

March 7th, 2011
We stayed the first two nights in Tad Lo in an expensive resort (ok, it was only $18 but that’s considerably higher than our average). We stayed in a bungalow on stilts right near one of the waterfalls. However the noise from the waterfalls weren’t the only noises there. When we woke up we heard lots of yelping and yapping which we later found out was a monkey and several puppies locked up in a cage right next to each other. There were also the sounds of crickets – I saw one a few days later that looked like a praying mantis but with huge double wings which were disguised as a green leaf with veins and all. Or perhaps they weren’t crickets but cicadas, which since we were on tree level with them was absolutely deafening.

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